How to: Creating Notifications and Reminders

There are two types of alerts that you can create in the HR Tool

Notifications - allowing you to create in-system or email alerts to users based on changing fields within the HR Tool

Reminders - allowing for in-system or email alerts to be sent based on a date field applied to a profile.


Setting up notifications

In order to create a new notification head to the notification tab and select 'New Notification'


This will open up a new window allowing you to create your notification with a variety of sections you will need to configure


Changes in: This section is your determining factor on what part of the HR Tool needs to change in order for the notification to be sent. Whichever option you specify means an alert will be sent for any and all changes to the section

Notify: This section specifies out of the HR roles you have on your system will be notified by this specific notification. You can include multiple roles or just a single option depending on the nature of the notification. As it states in the text below this notification will be either an email or an in-system message based ont he individules notification settins defined in the communication app.

Additional emails: This section allows you to specify a specific email address to which this notication should be sent, instead of an entire HR Role. This can be used in addition to the HR role or on it's own depending on the nature of the notification. You can include multiple email addresses to this field if you separate them with a comma.

Title Template: This section defines the heading of your notification. There is some default text in this section as standard but this can be changed manually for your needs

Notification Template: Similar to the 'Title Template' section you can configure your notifications body here. Allowing for an in-depth description on what has occured. Once more there is a default template in here, but this can be changed if needed. You can also apply expressions to this section and the title to apply a users name etc. 

Once you have made the changes to all sections simply press 'Add Notificiation' and this notification will be created


Setting up Reminders

The process to set up a reminder is almost identical to that of a notification, but with a few minor changes. 

Again, to initially create the reminder head to the reminder tab and select 'New Reminder' opening up the New/Edit Reminder window

The configuartion options for this section are almost identical to the Notification options, minus the 'changes in' field which has been replaced by two new sections.


Trigger: This section is asking which of the date fields in a persons profile will trigger the alert. This will most consistantly be used for fields such as 'Probation End' etc but can also be sued for items like 'Date of Birth'

Reminder Time: This section follows on from the trigger field and allows you to define when the notification should be sent, upto a month before the sepcied date in the trigger field, allowing for plenty of notice that this date is approaching.

Once again when you are happy with the configuration of this reminder select the 'Add Reminder' button at the bottom of the window and this will create your new alert.


For more information on the HR tool please take a look at our other articles and if you have any further questions please submit a ticket here




Created on 7 October 2018 by Michael Hassman. Last modified on 28 January 2019

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