Understanding InfoCapture Database Tables


Infocapture projects and tickets are stored within Claromentis database, this simple guide is designed to help you navigate around both MySQL and MS SQL tables should you need to access Infocapture data

IMPORTANT: this guide only works if you do have direct access to the database on on premise deployment and must be carried out by trained Database Administrator (DBA). Please be aware querying database directly carry some risk to the data. It is advisable to make a back-up and create a custom database view to the existing tables to query data in order to maintain database integrity.



All Infocapture projects and tickets are stored in a table with prefix "hd" and "fb"



Here is an example of a ticket submitted under Research & Development Project (Form ID: 11)

We're currently looking at Ticket with ID: 4

fb_field_data : table containing the value of each field from multiple form data

fb_form_data: table containing each submission of the form including date submitted and by whom (user ID)  with reference to form ID.

hd_issue: table containing list of each individual tickets with its status and reference to which InfoCapture project and form_data_id.

fb_form: table containing list of all forms including version, date created, modified and its properties

hd_project: table containing current InfoCapture project including the description and its status



Created on 3 July 2018 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 11 March 2020

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