Sending a message within the intranet


This user guide is for anyone on Claromentis 8.2+ 



This user guide will show you how to send internal communication within the intranet to a individual user or group of users. As well as, as an admin you can set up users to send bulk messages. 



The below steps are outlined in the video above.

1. As an admin you can set who is able to send bulk messages. Go to Admin>Communication. Here add in any user group or role as required. 

2. Click compose on the top of the summary list. 

3. If you are a manager and have subordinated set up you will be given the option to send to subordinates. 

4. Next you are able to add users individually, or if you are able to send bulk messages you have the option to here. 

5. Finally add subject and text and click send. 


To view the final communication video on your communication settings click here

Created on 9 May 2018 by Mhairi Hutton

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