Mortgage Application




Thoroughly documenting a customer's details is critical with processes as complex as mortgage applications. This form has over 230 fields, taking the applicant through a series of questions about their financial circumstances. Data is categorised in an ordered fashion through sections of the form; such as "Address history" and "Employment and Income details".


Additional features

Show/hide Field Permissions: Many of the form's fields will not be relevant for the applicant except under certain circumstances. For this reason, many of the fields remain hidden until certain conditions are met. In the example seen here, if the applicant has selected 'yes' to a valuation, then a field 'Do you wish to arrange a more comprehensive survey' is then allowed to appear

Head to Field Permissions to see the full list of permission rules in place for this form


Custom messages: Use of phrases like 'ticket' might not suit as well as 'application', so we have used the Custom Messages screen to change the wording whever it appears.

Head to the custom messages screen to see the full list of changed wording.
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Created on 2 February 2018 by Jon Mulhern

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