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Annual performance reviews are a key component of employee development. The performance review is intended to be a fair and balanced assessment of an employee’s performance. The objective of an annual review is to provide employees and supervisors an opportunity to:

  • Discuss job performance
  • Set goals for professional development
  • Discuss expectations and accomplishments

Appraisals become part of an employee’s personnel record and serve as documentation that the supervisor and employee completed an evaluation. These may then serve as justification to promote, demote, terminate or give raises to employees.

Using this form, supervisors are able to conduct and record performance reviews with employees. On submission, the form will be auto-assigned to the employee selected, who will then be required to review and sign the form. Subsequently, the line manager will be required to sign the form.


Additional features

Project Permissions: The 'Managers' role has permissions to view all performance reviews. Please bear in mind that in a 'real life' scenario, managers may not be able to see performance reviews submitted by other managers. Modify the project permissions as needed.

The project permission 'rights' table, demonstrating that the 'managers' role can create new forms but general staff cannot.


Hide/show field permissions: Head to 'Field Permissions' and you can see a number of advanced rules have been setup. For example the employee comments field is hidden unless one of three particular Field Condition Sets have been met, such as the employee having signed the form.

One of the Field Permission rules seen for the 'employee comments' field
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