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Users appreciate having a single point of contact to get help for their issues. Here, users are able to submit problems, questions and requests using this form, indicating the urgency of the ticket in order that the support team, who receive, process and respond to them, are able to prioritise accordingly. There is no need to worry about members of the support team responding to the same ticket because everyone on the team can see who is working on the ticket and its status.

Conversations between the user and the support team take place in the dedicated ‘notes’ area within the ticket and attachments can be added using the file upload feature.

SLA’s are in place to ensure user expectations are met. SLA timers are driven by the type and priority of the ticket and when an SLA is breached, the support team will be notified. Furthermore, the reporter of the ticket will be kept in the loop at all times, with automatic notifications letting them know when a response has been added or the status has been changed.


Additional features

SLAs: 'Traffic Lights' take note of whether or not a ticket has breached its SLA. The SLA rules define how much time should pass before a breach has occurred. Inspect these rules and you will see that this can be set to different values, dependant on the urgency of the support ticket.

Some of SLA rules in use here


Show/Hide Field Permissions: There are some fields on the form that are set to only be visible to those in the Support and Admin project roles.

A Field Permission rule that denies the 'Users' role the ability to see the group of fields collectively labelled 'Support Team'



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