Displaying Claromentis Calendar in Outlook Office 365


This guide allows you to display Claromentis Calendar to Outlook in Office 365 for instance you may have staff holiday calendar displayed in Claromentis Calendar and you wish to see this along side your usual meeting and appointments stored in Outlook Calendar.

Step 1 - Export Calendar

Open Claromentis calendar, Select "Export Calendar"


Step 2 - Configure Export URL

Select which calendar you wish to export, choose "Create url" and select date range you wish to export.


Step 3 - Copy URL generated

Copy the URL generated by export for later to be imported in Outlook 365


Step 4 - Add Calendar in Outlook 365

Open Outlook in Office 365 then click on "Add calendar" and choose From Internet


Step 5 - Paste Calendar URL

Paste Calendar URL and add Calendar Name to your Outlook.

Click 'save' and the calendar will begin importing.

Step 6 - Finished

You can now see Claromentis Calendar from Outlook 365 listed under "Other calendars".





Created on 21 November 2016 by Michael Christian

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