InfoCapture 'Thank You' Page

A 'Thank You' page can be created to display to users after they have submitted an InfoCapture issue.

This is useful for showing a message customised with images, such as your corporate branding.

The default view (without a thank you page set up) is to show users their own tickets or take them to the InfoCapture landing page.

Choose what users will see depending on whether they have permission to view their own submissions.



To set up a "Thank You" page, go to InfoCapture Admin > select the relevant project > Thank You Page

Choose the appropriate option from the list provided.


Show ticket in view mode

The user will be taken to the 'View issue' page (if they have permission to view their own submission), or the main InfoCapture page (if they don't have permission)

As shown below:




Show the thank you page regardless of the reporter’s view rights

The Thank you page will show to the submitter after every submission.

This option reveals the additional choice of 'Show custom page" or 'Go to link'.


- 'Show custom page'

Create a custom thank you in the editor. 

Enter the desired text, links, images, and InfoCapture expressions to curate a message for your use case.



How this appears to submitters:



- 'Go to link'

There is a field to insert a link either to an external or internal source.






Show the thank you page only if the reporter does not have view rights

This will also give the options 'Show custom page' or 'Go to link' as above.

Choose to create your own thank you page or link to another location.

This option will only show the chosen thank you page if the submitter cannot view their submissions once made.



Created on 14 December 2015 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 21 June 2023

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