New Feature: Integrate instant messaging into your intranet


Our new feature, Chat, allows instant messaging app RocketChat to be integrated into your intranet. Read more about it here!


What is it?

Our teams have created a new app called Chat, which integrates with open-source Slack alternative, RocketChat. Chat pulls in all the instant-messaging features of RocketChat directly into your intranet. This means your users can communicate in real-time within the same system.

Sounds good. Won't this mean we have to create new accounts though?

No! Our integration technology means all intranet user accounts are seamlessly imported into RocketChat, so there's no need to add new accounts, or switch apps, or remember more passwords. 

Are there any additional costs?

Installation onto your intranet is free, and will be taken care of by one of our technicians. However, we do need to charge a simple infrastructure cost, which supports the hosting required to run your individual instance of RocketChat. This can be paid either monthly or annually.

How do I get it?

Your Claromentis intranet needs to be on version 8.2 or above. Chat can be installed onto cloud and on-premise hosted intranets, but please note that RocketChat will be hosted in the cloud regardless of intranet hosting type. 

If you'd like to add Chat to your intranet, simply submit a change request, and we'll take care of the rest.





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