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We have an issue where we have two people who have the same first and last name.  And we have two tools in Infocapture that use the User List dropdown.  This makes it difficult to tell the difference between the two guys with the same name.  Anyone else have this issue?  If so, how do you handle it?  


For anyone having this issue with an infocapture form, I have a solution.  Below is the code for a plugin that will retrieve the department for any person that you select in a User List dropdown.  I just implemented this on one of our forms and it works beautifully.  Just replace $db_host, $db_user, $db_pass, $db_name, $sym & $sym2 with your information and it will at least give those using the form a way to know the difference between 2 or more people with the same name.




class ICPluginSpot extends ICPluginBase 
    public function ModifyData() {
        $db_host = 'yourserver'; 
        $db_user = 'youruserid';
        $db_pass = 'yourpassword';
        $db_name = 'yourdb';

        try {
            $db = \Claromentis\Core\DAL\DBFactory::GetInstance('mssql', $db_host, $db_user, $db_pass, $db_name);
        } catch (Exception $ex)
        $query=new Query("Select txtval from metadata_simple where object_id=".$sar." and name='Department'");
        $res = $db->query($query);
        $row = $res->fetchArray();

Asked on: 26 August 2016

infocapture, intranet



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