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Can forms use org chart for workflow?

We have a paper form we'd like to turn into an Infocapture form. The basics are:

I apply for conference funding, and my supervisor must approve my attendance at the conference. After my supervisor approves, my location manager must approve, then an administrator must approve, then a budget person must approve, then the application is sent to the accounting office, so that I can register for the conference.

I'd love to use the org chart feature to automatically make the work flow go:

Me > My Supervisor > My Manager > My Administrator > Budget person > Accounting

Supervisor, Manager, and Administrator will change depending on who is submitting the application. The people in my chain are already in the org chart.

Can we set up the form to flow from one person to the next depending on the org chart?

Thanks for your help!


Asked on: 7 February 2018




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