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Documents questions - moving and collaboration

First question:

I created a folder in the Documents area, and now I'd like to add subfolders and move documents to the subfolders from the parent folder. I cannot figure out how to do this. I see in the documentation that there is supposed to be a move icon (I assume it's the arrow icon in the documentation), but I don't see that icon in my version of Documents. I'm working in the back end of Documents. Should I have that icon or is there another way that I should be able to move documents.

Second question:

I think our trainer mentioned that there's some way that documents can be more collaborative, like Googld Docs, where people can edit and save them, rather than having to download and upload. I might be wrong about this. If there is a way to make documents more collaborative, we'd love to know.

Thank you!




Asked on: 5 December 2017




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