Creating a Blog Channel (and permissions)

Blog channels can be created to store posts for the subject matters relevant to your company.

Choose to either allow a user to own a Blog (so only they can post to it e.g. CEO Blog) or those for the community where multiple users can make posts (e.g. Company wide Travel Diary)

An Application Administrator of Blog can configure who can create and edit channels from Admin > Blog > Permissions.

Ensure you have been given this permission before following the rest of this guide.


Adding a channel

- Navigate to Applications > Blog > 3 dots > Channels.


- An existing channel can be edited by clicking on its title, or a new one can be created using the + Add new channel button.


- Enter the Channel's information

  • Name: The title of the Channel
  • Blog Type: Choose whether this channel has an owner (and only they can post to it) or if it will be communal (with multiple posters)

Permissions Explained

- Next, consider how you want your user base to interact with the new channel and configure these accordingly.

Also consider if an approval process is required.

  • View: Users will be able to view and comment on articles
  • Add and Edit: Users can save personal drafts or submit posts for approval only
  • Publish: Users have the right to publish their articles without needing approval
  • Approve Others: Users can edit other users' posts submitted for approval, approving them to make them live or rejecting them for further edits
  • Edit permissions and properties: Usually reserved for administrators, edit the properties of the channel and change its permissions

In this example, a personal blog for the CEO to post in is being set up.

An approval process is not required as this is a personal blog with one user who will create posts.

Permissions have been set up so:

1. 'All registered' can view posts in this channel but not add to it.

2. 'Administrators' role can view as well as edit permissions and properties. They have been given the right to add articles in case they need to post in the CEO's absence.

3. User 'Pippa Fraser' is the CEO and is the only other individual with permission to create and publish posts in the channel. (The intention here is Pippa F will be posting and administrators have the same rights just in case assistance is required)


- Once the permissions have been set, click Save and you will be able to see your newly created channel.

Users with permissions will see this on the front end and be able to start creating posts or submitting them for approval (if this was set up)


Is an approval process required?

These work best for community blogs where multiple users will be posting and you wish to moderate these before they are published.

This is achieved by only giving certain users the ability to publish their posts and restricting others to only submit posts for approval.

Those with 'Approve others' permissions can review the submissions and approve or reject them.

This is explained further in our approval process guide here.


Created on 18 April 2024 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 7 May 2024

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