Site or Page deletions

Any element that is deleted in the Intranet is permanently removed and not retrievable as standard.

Only the Documents application can restore deletions as it has an intermediary trash can.

In Claromentis 9+ versions, however, we have introduced a trash can functionality in the Pages application that will allow any deleted content from it to be restored (for 30 days before it will be permanently removed).

This was implemented to prevent accidental deletions requiring a whole site rollback to restore deleted pages.


If your site is 8 or lower (pre-9 version)

There is no trash can functionality in Pages in pre-9 versions.

This means if a site or page is deleted by a user with permission to do so, it is permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved in the system.

In general, the fastest way to resolve this situation is to simply re-create the page, placing the same components on it that were there before.

When a page is deleted, the only content that would be truly lost is anything custom entered e.g. images uploaded, text entered into its component.

Everything else previously displayed in other components still exists so it can be added back on the page and each component will pull through data from its corresponding application.

We do understand that it can be hard to recall every element that needs adding back in, but this option will save time and energy spent attempting to retrieve deleted content when the majority of it can be replaced quickly, getting something for end-users to interact within moments.


- Rollbacks

The only other way to restore the content as it was in pre-9 versions is to roll back the site to the last backup taken where the content exists, however, this is not recommended and would be chargeable to undertake.

You can confirm the date of the backup required by checking when the site or page was deleted using the audit log from Admin > Audit > View log and searching for deleted sites or pages.

Please note: If you cannot simply recreate the site or page to resolve the situation and wish to pursue a rollback, all work in the Intranet should cease as it will also be lost once the rollback is performed.

If your site is SaaS, we will have the backup to work from (as long as the deletion took place within the last 30 days). If your site is hosted on-premise your team is responsible for taking backups and so will need to provide us with the appropriate one to apply.

Submit a Change request ticket if you wish to proceed and our designated team will discuss this further with you.


- Avoid accidental page deletions in v8

The system does prompt the user to make sure the choice is correct before proceeding, however, we understand that not having another buffer could cause inconveniences.

We recommend double-checking all 'Manage Site' permissions and the permissions set per page across the Pages application in your Intranet.

This is to ensure only users that you want to have the ability to delete content do.

This is covered in our Understanding Pages permissions guide which can assist you in updating permissions if required.

We also recommend instructing any user who has permission to delete Page content that doing so means the content is not retrievable and to practice vigilance around deletions.


If your site is v9 or higher

The trash can functionality is available, any deleted site or page will appear in the trash can with the option to restore or delete it permanently.

Whilst the item is in the trash can, its URL is reserved and cannot be used for a new site/page, until it is permanently removed.

Once an item in the trashcan is deleted, it will be permanently removed and not retrievable from this point.

In the same way, an item left in the can for 30 days or more will be permanently deleted by the system.

When an item is shown in the 'Recently Deleted' area, select it and click 'Restore' to make this page live again.

Any permanent deletions made that you wish to recover can only be carried out through a site rollback which should be avoided at all costs due to the data loss that occurs when they take place.

If you have permanently deleted a Site or other Intranet content and wish to recover this, please raise a Support ticket for us to advise you further.


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