Claromentis uses cookies to help with user experiences such as remembering preferences and sessions. Here is a list of cookies and local storage variables used within the product and for what's purpose.

Cookies Purpose
PHPSESSID Preserves user session in the system.
claromentis_autologon Autologin token.
twofa_device Unique device fingerprint to remember multi-factor authentication device.
G_ENABLED_IDPS Google Identity Provider, used for Sign in with Google
CKFinder_Path Remember the last use path when browsing assets from a rich text editor.
CKFinder_Settings Settings and preferences for a rich text editor.
calendar-sort Used to sort data in the calendar application.
Claromentis Data Store>docs_folder_id Saving the last folder id viewed in documents for the current browser. It is so that when a user returns to documents they will still be in the same folder they were previously.
pdf_supported Storing preference related to viewing PDF in documents.
This is not a complete list as depending on the application used and third-party provider, additional cookies will be stored.
Last modified on 6 December 2023 by Hannah Door
Created on 21 March 2023 by Michael Christian

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