Integrate News With Slack using RSS


If you are using Slack, you may want to create an automated post to a channel every time there is a new article published on the News application within Claromentis.

Follow this guide to set this up.




How to

Step1: Preparing RSS Feed from News App

1. On your Claromentis system, navigate to Admin > News > Export news channel as RSS

2. Click +Add RSS Feed to create a new feed.

3. Provide a Title, and select which channels you wish to be included in the feed.

4. Once it is created you need to copy the unique RSS link which later needs to be added to the RSS app in Slack. Please keep this URL private to avoid having internal news exposed to the public.


Step 2: Add RSS Integration in Slack

1. Visit RSS Page in Slack App Directory

2. Under Add a Feed, paste the unique RSS Link 

3. Select which Slack channel you wish to post

4. Submit by clicking Subscribe to this feed.

5. Done! Publish an article and see it appears on your designated Slack channel. Both title and news abstract are visible in Slack with a direct link to read the full article.


Useful Info

  • Slack RSS feed will only publish new items added to the selected news channels after the integration is made. (Old news articles won't be published)
  • On average there is a 10-30 minutes delay from the time news is published until it appears on your Slack channel.



Last modified on 1 December 2023 by Hannah Door
Created on 5 January 2023 by Michael Christian

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