Documents: Linking documents

Documents can be linked from the front end of the Documents application.

A document can be hosted in one folder and accessed via a link from a different location. This means a single document can be then accessed from various folder locations and documents will not have to be re-uploaded in different folders.

Linking documents in the front-end

1. Head to Applications > Documents.


2. Select the document from its original location & copy the document to the clipboard.

You can select & copy more than 1 document at a time.


3. Create a Link of the document(s) from the clipboard.

Please note: Only individual documents can be linked and not entire folders.


4. Choose a new folder location. 

By selecting 'Change location', the document directory will appear for you to choose the new location you wish to link the document. 

Please note: The new folder location cannot be linked within the same parent folder.


5. Confirm the changes.

Once you have selected the new folder location, select 'Confirm'. Following this, wait for the files to display 'OK' indicating the links have been successfully created.


As a result, the link will have been created in the new folder location. When a user selects the document, they will be taken to where the document is hosted.

Please note: Any linked file will reflect updates made to the original file.


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