Policy Manager Review Date


Outdated policies can leave your organization at risk. It is essential to proactively review the policies and procedures on a regular basis. When creating a policy manager, or editing an existing policy,  you can set a review Date as one of the policy manager attributes.


What is the review date?

The review date (if created) will be displayed when viewing policy details as shown below.


Who receives notification when the review date is due?

The policy owner and author (if they are different) are going to receive 2 sets of notifications when it comes to reviewing an existing policy or procedure.

1. Policy Review Reminder policy.review_reminder

This notification will be sent 15 days prior to the review date.
Currently, the number of days is fixed and it is not yet possible to customise.

2. Policy Review Date policy.review_due

 This notification will be sent on the day it is due to review.


Can I customise the notification template?

It is possible to customize the notification template providing you have access to the System Admin panel by navigating to:

Admin > System > Localisation > Edit notification templates

Under Policy manager, select appropriate language to customise the template Subject and Body.





Last modified on 1 December 2023 by Hannah Door
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