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Module description

This module provides an admin panel which lists the InfoCapture projects in the system. When an admin selects one or more of these projects, and saves the config, those projects will have a Like button added to the top right of the view issue page. Users can like the tickets and the like value will be stored in a field with the default symbolic name "custom_iclike_total".

Each user can only like each ticket once. Once they have liked a ticket, the like button will change to "unlike" so that users can change their minds.

Next to the like button, there is a "n likes" button which will pop open a modal window to show those users who have liked this ticket.


  • Create a few InfoCaptue projects that you want to use this feature for.
  • Browse to the module's admin page and choose the projects where you want the like button to appear.
  • Specify the symname of the field in the ticket where you want to display the total number of likes 
  • NB: Make sure the field is a short string, also change the field format in the form to integer. This will ensure the display the total number of likes
  • From the module admin panel, press Sync button to count the number of 'likes' with field you've added in the previous step.
  • Create new tickets, And after the ticket creation. try clicking the like button. The like number will be increased.
  • Also, you can view the users who registered their like by clicking the likes anchor next to the like button.


Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash
Created on 2 November 2022 by Stas Dreiling

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