CSV: Expected Data Entry Per Field Type

When creating or updating user information with a CSV the system will expect data to be entered differently depending on the type of field.

You can check your field's type in Admin > People > Configure profile fields


Use the table below to assist you in entering the expected formatting per field type.

If a field type is not listed, it cannot be updated via CSV.


The system will give errors on import if the CSV data is not recognised, so check any instances against the below to rectify in your file before attempting import again.


Field Type Example user data Expected data entry  In the CSV
String Location Text or numbers allowed  UK
Long text An 'About me' section Text or numbers allowed, larger character limit Passage of text as typed or copy/pasted
Integer Employee Number Numerical or special values only 24327901
Checkbox 'Available for weekend work?'

Yes or No

Yes means the checkbox is selected, No is deselected

Yes or No per user
Date time Date of Qualification

Numerical, no spaces or special characters


year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds

Use the 24-hour clock

e.g. 01-12-2021 16:00



Date Date started

Numerical, no spaces or special characters


e.g. 27th June 2005


Date(no year) Date of birth (no year)

Numerical, no spaces or special characters


e.g. 7th February


Select Company car model Exact text of the option chosen VW Golf
Multi-Select Which offices can you work at? Exact text of options chosen, separated by commas London, Essex, Brighton
Hyperlink Online Portfolio

URL of contents location

(Title will need to be manually added in later if applicable)

User Select Alternative contact

The numerical ID of the user

Indicator (Smileys or Stars) Work Satisfaction Exact text to match the option chosen Medium
Address Work Address

Text or numbers allowed, will adhere to spaces used to separate parts visually if desired.

6th Floor Vantage Point, 





Created on 25 May 2022 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 30 May 2022

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