Request a New Discover Account

Let us know in a support ticket

If a new team member on your side requires Discover access, this can be requested by submitting a support ticket

Choose the option shown below to flag your request:


Make sure to provide the person's full name and email address in the ticket description so that we can create the account.

The email address associated will receive all Discover notifications so it is paramount the person has access to this and is monitoring it.

Please note: We have a maximum of 10 Discover accounts per client.


Changes over time

We can remove any Discover profiles no longer needed to ensure only appropriate users have access to this and require your assistance to manage this over time.

We understand that personnel changes happen and we appreciate your team updating us if any of your current Discover users leave the company or no longer require access so that we can manage the active list for you.

In cases where your main Discover contact is leaving or the responsibility is being given to someone else, please submit a support ticket so we can create a Discover profile for them as well as offer further support or training as required.

Failure to update Claromentis about personnel changes can cause significant delays in support as the incorrect users will be receiving notification updates.

In this instance where no named contacts are with the company anymore, a member of your billing team will need to confirm in writing new admin Discover users to be added. This will need to include the date and the amount of the last payment made to Claromentis to verify. 



Created on 1 March 2022 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 6 December 2023

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