Policy Manager Reports

This article describes how to use the Reports Module to access dates in your Policies stored in Policy Manager.


Date Fields

There are 2 date fields that are available in policy properties - Status Expiry Date and Review Date.

Both of these dates will send a notification on that date.

When completed these dates are displayed on the Policy Details page.


Business Requirements

Often a Policy Manager Team would like to be aware of those policies that will be reaching one of these dates in the near future - so that they can plan the appropriate action with stakeholders - perhaps the policy will need a new version, or can be recalled - for example.

This can be achieved by using the Reports Module of Claromentis ( not the policy manager application reports which deal with Approval and Acceptance )


Set up the Report

Head over to the Reports module and select Policies


  • Create a blank report



  • Manage the columns - the required date fields together with any other relevant information - normally the Policy Reference and Title.


  • Save the report
  • Run the report whenever required - normally it is convenient to download it as a CSV for distribution to appropriate people




Schedule the report

Optionally you can schedule the report to run at any suitable time interval and send the results to any users required.


Add the report to a Button

As the report has a URL it is easy to add to a Button using the Buttons application, and then present that button on any page as part of a buttons Component.


Add Filters at any time

When you run the report you can easily add a filter. So if you have an extensive policy library you might find it convenient to only list those that need review in the next month.


Last modified on 1 December 2023 by Hannah Door
Created on 13 October 2021 by Nigel Davies

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