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Claromentis offers an RSS Reader component that you can use on a page of your intranet. Any RSS feed made available by resources online can be used.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a tool that will allow users to access any new content from both your site (i.e. News channels) and external sources. Such content may include news articles, blog posts, podcasts, etc. 
To find an RSS feed on an external site, look for the RSS feed  icon on the main page or homepage. From there, you can get the RSS feed URL.

Please note: The RSS feed icon may appear differently across different sites.


Adding an RSS feed

Once you have obtained the RSS feed URL, you can implement the URL in our RSS Reader component.

1. From the News & Announcement category, select the RSS Reader component:


2. Paste the URL of the RSS feed into the component settings:

  • Component Title: The title that will appear at the top of the RSS component.
  • User metadata key: The user metadata value or hard-coded URL in the component that can change the feed the user can view (configured via Admin > News).
  • Predefined RSS Feed URL: The direct link to the RSS feed. Multiple feeds can be listed per line as needed.
  • # of items to display: The number of content that will be listed (max limit 100 items).
  • Length of summary to show: The length of the summary or description that will be seen ('0' will display only the title).


3. Press  to populate the reader:

Reminder: The feed will update the list with the most recently added news items from the feed source.



Creating an RSS feed from your intranet

An RSS feed URL can be generated directly from your own News application.

1. Navigate to Admin > News > Export news channel as RSS:


2. Select 


3. Provide a title for the news feed and select the News channel you would like to create the RSS feed:


4. Once saved, an RSS feed URL will automatically generate:

Please note: The selected News channel can be edited by clicking on the edit (pencil) icon next to the relevant RSS feed or deleted completely using the trash can icon.

5. Copy & paste the RSS feed URL directly in the RSS Reader component following the same steps provided above.


Please note: The component fundamentally exists to display feed(s) and does not include extra functionality of filters or more configurable options.


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