Projects Progress Bar

The progress bar is a useful feature that can be used to display the current progress of a task or project.

Every time a task has been completed and ticked ✓, the progress bar will update team members on how close they are to completing the project.

The progress bar will display a value between 0% and 100% displaying the percentage of progress made from completing a task.


Setting up the progress bar

Task completion is tied to an 'expected duration' being set for the task.
This can be days or hours (or custom entry) depending on how you configure the project settings.

1. To start, click on the 'pencil icon' to go to the project properties:


2. Click on the 'Additional Info' tab where you will find a field called 'task duration units'.

For this project, it is currently set to Days, but you can choose Hours instead or set your own unit using 'other'.


3. You can now head back to the main page of the project and click on the pencil icon to edit each task:


4. By default, the 'expected duration' field will be empty but all you need to do here is enter a value of how many (estimated) days would be needed to complete the task:

5. Now when completing each task, these weights are added to display the appropriate % based on how many tasks exist in the project.
For example, if there are 10 tasks in the project and a task is given an 'expected duration' of 1 day, this would count as 10% of the overall project progress.


Reminder: Tasks will disappear when they are marked as completed. However, if you want the completed tasks to be visible, you can tick the following box:


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