How to sign-in without SSO (Single Sign On) Redirect

What is SSO (Single Sign-On) Redirect?

When SSO is enabled on your system, typically users will be automatically redirected to the authentication site such as ADFS, LDAP(S), NTLM, or Microsoft Azure AD when visiting Claromentis URLs, allowing them to be authenticated prior to visiting Claromentis. 


Redirection also works when visiting specific page URL such as:



I'm using SAML is there an option to have a login page with a button for SSO users?

If you're using SSO with SAML it is possible to configure to have the following:

  1. SSO with an automatic redirect
  2. Display Claromentis login page with 2 buttons, one for SSO users and 1 for local accounts.

A typical use-case for this configuration is to allow partners (Extranet users) to login using Claromentis username and password but internal staff member does not need to log in because their account will be authenticated via SSO.


Learn more about SSO



I created a local account, is it possible to login without redirect?

It's often the case when you have created a local account manually within the Claromentis People Panel and need to log-in as this user.

It is possible to log-in to Claromentis without redirection by adding suffix /login?no_auto=1 behind the main URL for example:


Using the URL above users will be presented with a standard claromentis login, instead of being redirected to the authentication site.



There is an alternative suffix /login?ignore_ntlm=1 This is reserved for Mobile apps allowing users to be redirected to the correct page whilst being authenticated via mobile app supported SSO.

Learn more about SSO on the mobile app


Created on 22 March 2021 by Michael Christian

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