Google Play Store Requirements

Why publish the custom app to Google Play Store?

There are some benefits to publishing your custom app through Google Play Store

  • If your company does not have MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution, it is an easy way to distribute the app for Android phones.
  • Is searchable in the Google Play app from  mobile devices.
  • Easy to install/update the app.
  • Users will get automatic updates.
  • Access to Google Play analytics can be granted.

There are some considerations:

  • The app will be listed in Google Play publicly.
  • You need to supply a dummy login for Google.
  • Before the app can be published, the review process can take up to 7-14 days.


What are the requirements?

If you wish to publish your custom app publicly to Google Play  please send us the following information:

1. App details

  • App Name (max 50 characters)
  • Short Description (max 80 characters)
  • Full Description (max 400 characters)

2. Link to your Privacy Policy (URL)

3. App access

Claromentis access is typically restricted based on login credentials. Google's Policy demands that we provide access to them, including dummy login details. 

Google may use the information to review the app. Learn more

Please supply Claromentis with a dummy login for your system which you can then de-activate once your app is published.

  • Username
  • Password

If you have further question, please contact our support team.


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