Projects: Admin overview


In this article, you will be given an overview of the admin area of the Projects application.

As an admin, this is a great place to start to ensure that you and the team have appropriate permissions set up.

The admin side & projects permissions 

The first section available is 'Permissions'. 

You can assign certain user groups and roles to have permissions over the following options:

  • Create New Project: This enables the user(s) to create new projects from the front end.
  • Full Permission: This enables the user(s) to create, edit, delete, and view all projects.
  • Add/Edit companies: This enables the user(s) to add and edit companies within your project.


Next, you will see the ‘Files’ section.

Here you will be able to integrate your Projects within the Documents application by selecting a folder from the directory to which all your project items can be stored.

Please note: You will first need to create a new folder under the Documents application ready-for-use.


The last section available is the ‘Communication’ option.

Each of the items listed will trigger a notification within your Project. You can set up what type of notification will be sent out per trigger.

Please note: The ‘Notification’ option is set up as the default method under the notification settings.


Last modified on 6 December 2023 by Hannah Door
Created on 18 January 2021 by Veronica Kim

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