Adding a Zoom meeting to a page

Embedding a Zoom meeting into a Pages page can be a useful thing for things like webinars, recurring departmental meetings or an open 'break room', which people can drop in and out from. 

Sounds good! How do I do that? 

To add this to a page, you simply need to add an Embed component and use the following code

<iframe allow="microphone; camera" style="border: 0; height: 100%; left: 0; position: absolute; top: 0; width: 100%;" src="{meeting ID}" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Make sure you use the correct meeting ID instead of the curly brackets, resize the component to a nice size and you're good to go! 

Users will be required to either login within the embedded screen or they can join as a guest if this is configured to be allowed in the meeting's settings. 

Keep in mind that this will work best for a permanent meeting ID, otherwise, the Pages editor will need to manually update the component's code for each new meeting. 

Visual guide

Last modified on 12 May 2021 by Hannah Door
Created on 5 August 2020 by Gili Dailes

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