Configuring MailGun for Email Fetching

What is Mailgun?

Mailgun is the email automation service that you can set-up along with an InfoCapture project to initiate the creation of a ticket simply by sending an email to a dedicated email address.


How to setup Mailgun:


Step1: Sign-up for an account with Mailgun

You can do this by following this link:

In order to work with InfoCapture, you need the Inbound Email Routing feature which is only available from the Foundation Package.

Once you have created an account you need to activate the account.


Step 2: Setup & Verify Domain

This step requires you and your IT team to configure TXT records with your DNS Provider so that Mailgun can verify that you own the domain, you can find out more here.


Step 3: Set-up Routes

Under Receiving, click 'Create Route'


Enter the email address you wish to be captured, for example, or any email address with domain

by entering  .*

In the example above we are catching any emails sent with the domain by entering .*



This is the MailGun API URL to receive email on your Claromentis system.

Replace with the actual address of the Claromentis system you have.

Don't forget to 'Save Route'


Step 4: Getting the API keys

In Mailgun, navigate to  Settings >  API keys  copy and paste the Private API key to Claromentis, steps detailed below:

This area can be found in Claromentis by navigating to Admin > System > Mailgun

Fill out the domains you wish to capture one line at a time (you can include sandbox too for testing).

Copy and paste the API key from the Private API key.

Click 'Enabled' and 'Save'.


Step 5: Configuring InfoCapture to use Mailgun Email Fetching

In InfoCapture navigate to the 'Project Properties' of the form you wish to enable this on and check 'Handle Incoming mail'

Fill out the email address you wish to use to capture the emails (we are using in this example.

Map From (email address), Subject and Body of the email to the fields available in the InfoCapture project you've already set-up.


Please Note: Form, Subject and Body fields must be mapped!


Step 6: Test email fetching

Test by sending email and if successful an infocapture ticket will be automatically created on that project. You can also log in to the Mailgun dashboard to check its status and see if there are any errors or problem.


What are the features & limitations?


Who is the submitter when the ticket is submitted this way?

Tickets will be marked as submitted by "Guest" or "No user" when it is created through email fetching.
It is possible to create a trigger and send a notification whenever a ticket has been changed or notes have been added back to the sender (From field must be a short or medium string email type).


Does it handle email attachments?

If 'Process mail attachments' is checked, any attachment sent from the initial email will be captured and stored in the Files tab within the InfoCapture Project.


Can the submitter send follow up notes?

Each email has a unique reference that allows MailGun to process, follow up and reply, the following unique IDs will be added as a note on the same ticket, unfortunately it doesn't currently process follow up attachments.




Created on 2 April 2020 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 12 June 2020

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