Troubleshooting Search Results


When search function within Claromentis isn't returning expected desired result here are few steps to check. 


1. Check System Status

Navigate to Admin / System and scroll to check System Status to make sure Indexing/Searching Service is Running.

There are various reasons that may have caused the Indexing/Searching Service Error. Please submit a support ticket so that we can help you further.

2. Check Indexing Status

Navigate to Admin / Search and check how many requests are still in the queue, requests in the queue means that there are objects within claromentis that are still being processed. 

Some of the new objects such as document or pages may not yet appear in the search result.

3. Reindexing

Reindexing means deleting your current search database and recreate a new one, this is only needed if there is corruption in the search database and we have to force the system to recreate the indexing database.

Reindexing your data needs careful consideration and planning as your store size can vary the time it takes to complete.

If you wish to clear all your indexes then select 'Recreate the index and all mappings'. This will delete all indexes from the database so that the entire system would then need reindexing.

If you wish to reindex a specific application then select the appropriate option and press 'Start'.

Once you receive a message saying that reindexing is in progress, navigate to the Indexing Service page to monitor progress.

Created on 7 November 2019 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 8 November 2019

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