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Included in this article

1- How to book a room

2- How to book equipment & room together

3- How to pair rooms/equipment to a calendar booking


1- How to book a room

Head to Applications > Room Booking

Select room only and the times/dates you require. Then select 'Check Availability'.

All available rooms will appear here. Simply select one and click 'Allocate room'. You will be prompted to give the meeting a purpose and description. You will then be taken to a page showing all of your existing bookings and their status - if they are pending, the nominated approver of that room must approve it. 


2- How to book equipment & room together

Select 'Room, Equipment & Services' on the top bar. Fill in the dates and times and click 'Check availability'. You will then be provided with the equipment options to select first - tick what you need and hit 'Check availability' below. Then you will be presented with the room options with that equipment.


Select the one you would like and click allocate room. You will then be prompted to give more information after which you can confirm the booking.

3 - How to pair rooms or rooms with equipment to a calendar booking

Navigate to Applications > Calendar find the date and time of the meeting you would like to book in and drag over the time with your mouse. Select 'more options' when the pop up arrives.

Next you will be presented with various meeting options - fill these in as usual and next to the location option you will have a box called 'Link room'. Select this and you can choose room only or room and equipment. It will provide all the available options for this time and you can reserve and room and equipment you need.

Note: To book just equipment eg the Camera which is not tied to a specific room, this must all be done in the 'Room booking' section discussed earlier.

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