Managing Tags

What is tags?

Tags is a label in which you can associate a document, knowledge base article, news, e-learning courses, and policies within Claromentis. It helps to organise content with certain keywords for ease of filtering and searching.


Creating and assigning tags

How to assign tags?

You can start typing keywords and tag fields will predict its content, It also made a suggestion based on the popular tags. If you have permission to create new tags, it is also possible to create new tags on the fly.

here is an example of tag fields


How to grant permission to a user to create new tag ?

Navigate to Admin > Tags > Right to create new tags

Through this permission dialog,  you can assign individual or group or roles who can create a new tag throughout the system.

Managing Tags

How to edit existing tags ?

Navigate to Admin > Tags > Tag Management

Click on the edit link on the right to edit, rename or adding translation to existing tag


How to delete existing tags ?

Navigate to Admin > Tags > Tag Management

Scroll down to the section of Merging and delete tag.
Begin typing tag you wish to delete and click Delete button

How to merge similar tags ?

You can also merge similar tags by selecting more than one tags (separated by comma) and then click Merge to combine two similar tags into a single one.

Created on 26 July 2019 by Michael Christian

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