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Article related to version 8.7+ but relevant for earlier versions

How to add images to 'My Favourites' formerly Lightbox

Depending on which version of Claromentis you are using, this feature will either be called 'lightbox' or 'my favourites'. Both refer to a feature which allows users to save their favourite images to a seperate personal folder. 

Navigate to Applications > Gallery

Click the button 'My favourites' and you'll be taken to the following page: 

Currently, no images have been favourited so its empty. If we navigate back to the photo galleries and click on one. We will be taken into that album. Next you will see a small star in the bottom right of the image (when you hover over it). If you click this star, a notification in the right side of the screen will confirm it has been added to your favourites. 

If you now navigate back to 'My favourites' you will see all your starred images: 



Created on 7 July 2019 by Millie Hand. Last modified on 30 September 2019

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