Why can't I publish my app in the Apple Appstore?

In-house App

If your app intended only for the employee or internal member of the organisation, Apple Guideline prohibits to have the app to be published in AppStore. In this case, we will publish your app to our Internal Enterprise Distribution so that your team member can download and install it on their own mobile device.


Alternatively, you can distribute internally within the organisation through MDM. (Mobile Device Management)

Guideline 3.2 - Business 
We found that your app is an in-house app, intended for employees or members of your organization. 
As such, it is not appropriate for the App Store. 
For information on distributing proprietary, in-house apps, please refer to the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.


Why it is OK on Google Play?

Google Play Distribution policy has a less strict rule regarding the in-house app.


What about security implication?

There are security implications you may want to consider such as having an app in a public app store means anyone can install it. Does your company organisation benefits from having the app widely available in public appstore? 


What is the best way to deploy enterprise app?

We recommend deploying using MDM (Mobile Device Management)

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