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1 - What is the Bradford Factor?

2 - How to enable Bradford Factor


1 - What is the Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is a means of providing a numerical statistic of average absence rates of staff within organisations. It is helpful in determining if absence rates have become excessive. The calculation of Bradford Factor (B) is:

S² x D = B

S is the total number of separate absences by a person. You times this number by itself.

D is the total number of days of absence of that person.

B is the Bradford Factor score.


2 - How to enable Bradford Factor

Navigate to Applications > Admin > Holidays

Here you will see a list of options down the left hand side of the page. Select Bradford Factor.

Next select enable Bradford Factor and a further set of options will drop down.

Select sickness day and decide if half days should be treated as full days.

Now if you navigate to applications > Holiday planner

Then select the reports icon

You will see the below page. Because we have just enabled Bradford Factor it is now listed in the reports tab.

Finally, if you select the time frame and group you would like to see and click 'view' their data will appear. You can export this data as a CSV file by using the button on the right.

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