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Topics covered in this article

1. What are Buttons?

2. How are they created?

3. How do permissions work?


1 - What are Buttons?

Buttons are clickable icons that take the user to an external link - these are useful for giving users quick access to sites they use regularly. For example, HR sites, the company website or training tools.


2 - How are they created

As an administrator there are two ways to create buttons

2.1- Creating buttons in the buttons application

2.2- Adding buttons straight on to the page

We will run through both options here


2.1 - Creating buttons in the buttons application

Visit the applications tile in the main menu and select 'Buttons'.

Here you will find pre-existing buttons and a green '+ Add Button' box. A drop down option box will appear allowing you to fill in the following

  • Title of the button
  • The URL it should link to
  • If when clicked it should open as a new tab or link directly on the same web page
  • Tooltip: If this is selected, when the user hovers over the button a black box appears giving a little more indication or context as to what the button will do
  • Whether you'd like to use an icon or an image to represent the button
  • The colour of the button
  • Relevant tags so its searchable within the Button application
  • Permissions - who can see this button on their homepage

2.2 Adding buttons straight on to the page

Go to the page you wish to add buttons to and click the pencil in the bottom left corner of the page.

This now means when you hover over the homepage with your curser you can add apps in between existing apps when a small grey box appears.

When clicked, a 'components' selection appears allowing you to choose the specific app you would like to add into the page.

Title refers to the title of the overall component - you might want to call it something like 'Quick access links'.

Button title is the name that appears on the button itself to indicate where it will lead to when clicked eg 'HR portal'. You can then decide if it should open in a new tab or not and finally then 'Add button'. This will add the button to the list of available buttons listed just below.

You will see if you continue to scroll a list of all existing buttons, including the one you just created. Select as many or as few as you would like to appear. You can also choose how the buttons will look, whether they have an image and text, or no image and just text etc. You will see your new buttons appear on the homepage when you click add.

3- How do permissions work

As mentioned in section 2.1 - if you want someone to be able to view the button, they need to be given permissions here and on the page these buttons appear on. For example you may have given the Marketing team permission to view the button on the Marketing specific page - but you haven't yet given them permissions for the Marketing page itself.

As administrator if you navigate to Applications > Admin > Buttons you will see the following page:

Right now, all registered users can manage (add/remove buttons). Usually this feature is not available for all registered users and administrators prefer to be in control of buttons. As all registered users don’t have permissions to edit the homepage - being able to manage buttons isn't useful to them. They can however navigate to the buttons application and add new ones, delete ones they wouldn’t like. This means on any pages they can edit, they could add these in.



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