How to create a clickable image in news


You may have a large image that is too big to display on the page but would like to enable the image to be clicked on to be presented in full size to the user. 

Here is a simple guide on how to achieve this.


Step 1: Upload the image in the rich text editor (found in News, Knowledge base & the text component)

Adjust the dimension of your image to the size required, clicking the padlock will ensure that the image is not going to be distorted when you resize.


Step 2: Adding a hyperlink to the image

Click on the "Link" tab to add a hyperlink to the image which will be that of the image itself.

You can either copy this information from the URL field seen in the first tab (shown in the Image under Step 1) or use the "Browse" function.

Set the target to a new window so it opens in a new tab when a user is clicking on the image.

That's it!

Last modified on 22 March 2019 by Hannah Door
Created on 21 March 2019 by Michael Christian

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