Knowledge Base Change Log

Version 3.6.0

Compatible from Claromentis 8.6
Added ability to reference localisations in category name (Jira UIUX-97).

Version 3.5.1

Enabling Localisation for Knowledge Base App Name in Admin Panel
Changing word from Subscribe to Follow for Articles and Question (Jira UIUX-60)
Changed subscribe/unsubscribe alerts to follow/stop following (JIra UIUX-54)
Removing hard-coded colour for article (#21204)
Article .pdf output now allows links. (Jira CORE-119 Disco 22129)

Version 3.5.0

Compatible from Claromentis 8.5

Version 3.4.4

Compatible up to Claromentis 8.4
Fixed incorrect redirects for old article IDs (#536)
Removed breadcrumb from Articles exported to PDF (#541)
Switched keyword searches to use fuzzy queries
Fixed a problem where user-provided full URLs were being mangled when exporting articles to PDF

Version 3.3.8

Fixed problem where user-provided full URLS were being mangled
Prevented javascript console error when user does not have access to sub-category (#528)

Version 3.4.3

Merged German translations from 3.3.7

Version 3.4.2

The recent articles/questions side panel is now filtered by category
Articles whose creators have been deleted now show "deleted user" instead of empty space
Articles now show the user who last modified them as well as the creator

Version 3.3.7

Added German translations to knowledgebase components (Disco 017837)

Version 3.3.6

Fixed German notifications related to (Disco 19964 and Disco 19917)
Fixed a bug where changes to the very first question would not have notifications sent. No associated bug number.
Revert "Removed malformed notification templates. (Disco 19964 and Disco 19917)" 

Version 3.3.5

Removed some broken German notification translations. (Disco 19964 and Disco 19917)

Version 3.4.1

Some design fixes

Version 3.4.0

Support for indexing and searching categories in global search
Added "share" button
Limit page width to look better in full-screen layout
Requires Claromentis 8.3

Version 3.3.4

Fixed detecting current user's language and showing the article in the correct language
Added some missing German translations

Version 3.3.3

Fixed article/question comments being editable by other staff (DISCO #019049)

Version 3.3.2

More reliable files location detection for CKEditor
Marked as compatible with Claromentis 8.3
Fixed not working language switch on article page (#509)

Version 3.3.1

Fix document images not showing on PDF download (DISCO #018015)

Version 3.3.0

Fixed issue with Category drop down expanding outside of window in admin
Fixed styling issues affecting mobile devices
Removed grey backgrounds from articles
Fixed unescaped item text in search results
Prevented admin panel tables stretching when containing long category titles`
Merged forward from 3.1.17
Fixed duplicate notifications being sent to publishers when saving a new
draft article with a cover image (Disco 017368)
Fixed notifications including incomplete (relative) links to users profiles
Added more complete REST API
Compatibility with Claromentis 8.2

Created on 7 February 2019 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 25 March 2019

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