Mandatory Policies

When creating a policy you may wish for this to be deemed mandatory for certain (if not all) users to read and confirm.


This can be done within the permissions upon creating a policy.

Image 1: The permssions tab when creating a new policy


The majority of permissions here are fairly standard across all of Claromentis applications, allowing for viewing, editing and deleting etc. However, there is one permisson here that is unique to Policy Manager - 'Target Distribution'. This permission is what we need to define if a policy is mandatory for a specific individual or group of users.

When this option has been selected for a group you are included in you will see this appear when accessing the front end of Policy Manager once this policy has been moved to the distribution status.

   Image 2: The front end view of the policy manager


As displayed any policies that are deemed mandatory for you as an individual will be listed at the top of the screen whereas policies you have viewing permissions to and/or have already accepted will be displayed at the bottom.

When accessing one of your mandatory policies you will be introduced to this screen.

Image 3: A policy view when you are the target distribution


This will allow you as a user to confirm the policy. Confirming that you have read and understood the content of the documentation.

Please note: It is not actually required for the user to read the documentation before confirming. Though if they do this and then breach this policy then they can be held accountable as they are confirming their understanding of the policy.

With the appropriate permissions you will also have access to the 'Acceptance Status' button on the right hand side of the page above.

This will allow you to observe the full list of users this policy has been sent to as a mandatory policy as well as being able to view if they have accepted the policy and send reminders to users who have yet to do so, by clicking the send reminder button on the right hand side.


  Image 4: Acceptance status view

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