Snow Component


Christmas is upon us so why not jazz up your page with Snow Component and here is how.

Minimum requirement:

Claromentis 8.3

Step 1: Changing Intranet Background

Navigate to Admin > Design

Choose the selected theme you wish to change or edit Master Design
Navigate to Edit Style and change background using the example below which you can download here.

Download Background


Step 2: Download and Install Snowfall custom component

We have prepared a snowfall pages custom component which you can download below.

Download Snowfall Component

Step 3: Installing Snowfall component

Navigate to Admin > Pages > Component

choose Import component and import the zip file that you have just recently downloaded.

Step 4: Adding Snowfall component to a homepage

Edit the homepage, click on the space you wish to add new component and search for Snowfall



Step 5: Configure the settings according to your preference

Step 6: Publish the page

... and make your page a winter wonderland..! 


Created on 27 November 2018 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 26 July 2019

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