How to Create a Discussion

A discussion allows you to create different topcis in which you and other members of staff can share ideas and thoughts on these topics

If you have the approriate permissions you will be able to creat a new discussion by clicking the green plus sign


This will take you to creation page where you will be required to fill out sevaral fields to give context to the discussion such as the title, descriprion, image, categories and tags

You will also be prompted to define permissions for the discussion. 

Contirubte - Allows for users to view and comment in the discussion it also allows them to create events and tasks

Edit - Enables the user(s) to be able to configure the Discussions details cahing the description and image

Admin - Give the user(s) full configuration rights and allow them to edit and delete all user comments


Once these details are in place you can then decide if you wish to send a notidfication to the users with at least contibute permissions this can be either a default notification or you can choose to wrtie this in your own words by wrtiting in the text field below



When you have completed everything simply press the create discussion button and the discussion will now be live for all users with permissions to contribute



Last modified on 14 October 2019 by Millie Hand
Created on 24 October 2018 by Michael Hassman

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