Events Reports

There are two different types of reports for the events applciation - User reports and Event reports


User Reports

These are used to run a report on specific users to see which events they have attended.



By using the filtering options at the top of the report you can select a certain user for your report, specify the date range, define a group of users and select the event category.


Once you have placed the necessary filters simply hit the filter button and it will create the appropriate report. This can then be exported to a CSV if needed.


It's worth mentioning that by default when accessing this report no filters will be specified and the report will run for every user since you have started using the events applciation.


Events Reports

The events report allows for a full list of events and see the total amount of users who have singed up to the event and the date and time the event is



Like the user report there are filtering options at the top of the report, such as the event category the current status of the event, date range and the ability to hide reoccuring events. The filters again are by default disabled when accessing the report giving you a full list of all events initially.

Once more you can export your report via CSV if needed

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Created on 21 October 2018 by Michael Hassman

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