How to create a Discussion channel


This article will walk you through how to set up channels within Discuss.


Creating a discussion category

Navigate to Admin>Discuss you will land on the catrgories list.

From here you will be able to change any existing category name by clicking on the category itself or create a new category by selecting add a category where you will need to put in the category name only. 




The permissions tab will allow you to select who is able to create a new discussion and also who has admin rights over all discussions created, this will over ride any individual discussion permissions. 



The default permissions are what the permissions will be set to when creating a new discussion. You will be able to change these upon creating a new discussion however so they don't need to be set every time these will be the permissions that are populated by default. You will be able to set contribute, edit and admin permissions. 



For more information on Discuss please take a loot at our other articles and if you have any further questions please submit a ticket here.

Created on 18 October 2018 by Mhairi Hutton. Last modified on 29 October 2018

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