How to: Adding HR Admins

Unlike other applciations you cannot give Admin access to the HR tool from the SysAdmin panel.

Instead the functionality is set from the HR Admin panel itself


When the HR tool has been added to your Intranet the Claromentis Administrator will initially be the only user with access to the admin panel. We will request that you provide us with at least two users you wish to add.


If in the future these users wish to give additonal access to the HR Tolls admin side they can do so by heading to admin > HR and seelcting the Admin Panel Access tab.



Simply add the other user(s) to this area and press save.

This will allow the specified users to access the Admin panel, but they will be propted to enter their HR password before being able to access.


For more information on the HR tool please take a look at our other articles and if you have any further questions please submit a ticket here




Created on 4 October 2018 by Michael Hassman. Last modified on 28 January 2019

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