How to set HR permissions


This article will outline details on how to set up roles within the HR tool and what the various permissions within the applications include. 



By default there are 4 roles avaialble. These are HR Admin, Payroll, Staff and Managers. You can add in or change these roles if needed. 


From this screen you will also need to put particular users into each role. To to this click on the pencil icon next to the relevant role and assign a user group or role into the members section. 



You can now define what permissions each role will have. The first thing to set is who that role is able to view. 

The options are

  • None - where they wont be able to view any HR information at all
  • View Own - They will be able to access and view their own HR information
  • View All - Can view HR information for every user
  • View Subordinates - Only view the HR informaiton for subordinates based on the settings from their profile org chart settings in the people admin panel. 

You will then have the following options. 


These will all sit under various tabs when looking at a users HR information from the front end. 



Once you have set up your users in different roles they will apear in the user list. You are able to send out an invite for all users to login and set their own HR password, from the users and access tab. 


For more information on the HR tool please take a look at our other articles and if you have any further questions please submit a ticket here.

Created on 16 October 2018 by Mhairi Hutton. Last modified on 29 October 2018

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