People Smart Object

N.B. This article refers to the legacy application Publish, used in versions below 8.1.
In modern versions, the Pages application has effectively replaced the need for Publish.
Continue reading if you are using Publish and wish to implement this smart object.

Please note that the image above is a generic representation of the smart object, and may not necessarily reflect the final product on your own intranet.

  Before proceeding, please read the overview of smart objects and components here.


Ask member of support team to have Smart User List Component to be installed on your system.

Metadata fields

The staff list shows the following columns:

  • Photo: Displays user's profile photo
  • Name: Displays user's full name
  • Job Title: Displays user's job title
  • Team: See information below
  • Contact Details: Displays user's email address and telephone number (landline)
  • Location: See information below

In order to display Team and Location, appropriate metadata fields must be created. These fields can be configured in the People Control Panel. The following keys must be used for creating these fields:

  • Team: team
  • Location: office

Copy and paste code below. Switch to Source mode in CKeditor and paste in the code. or copy and paste code below:

<script type="text/javascript"> 
var smart_userlist = {}; = "test_obj";
smart_userlist.width = "100%";
smart_userlist.height = 400;
smart_userlist.group_id = 3;
<script type="text/javascript" src="/intranet/smartuserlist/js/show_userlist.js"></script>


The list can be controlled by modifying certain parameters.


  • Object name must be unique among several objects within a content page. If only one smart object is used on a content page, the name can remain as it is.

  • group_id: ID of the group of users to show in the list.

  • role_id: ID of the role of users to show in the list.

  • width: Frame width in pixels.

  • height: Frame height in pixels.

  Either group_id or role_id can be specified, but not both.

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