InfoCapture default notification template

When creating a notification, there is a template choice simply called 'DEFAULT'.

The Default template is an email that can be configured to include certain information about a form.

It is quicker to set up than a custom template, but less appealing in its utilitarian appearance.

Further to this, the default template can be used in certain situations outside of your chosen notification rules, so the information it contains needs to work in these scenarios too, unlike custom templates that are generally made to suit one purpose and so can be highly specialised.


Here is an example of a default notification email:


Customising the Default Template

From Admin > Infocapture > Your Project > Default Notification Fields use checkboxes to include or exclude form data from the template:


When will the default template be used?

There are 3 scenarios where the default template will be used or can be chosen to be sent out:


1. 'Notify submitter', 'Notify handler' about any change in the tickets' options 


These can be enabled by form administrators and are optional, when they fire the system is hardcoded to send the default template.

Any change not captured by the field conditions used in notification rules will notify the submitter and/or ticket handler with the default template.

Remember: In situations where a user would receive the default notification for the 'notify xxxx' option being enabled, if there is a notification rule set up against the same condition, then the user will only receive one email and it will be the template set for the notification rule (not the 'notify xxxx' option) as determined by the priority order.


2. When the 'default' template has been set in notification rules

Your form managers can choose to use the default template rather than creating their own custom templates for specific use cases.


3. When a user is monitoring a ticket

Any change made to the ticket will trigger the default notification to send to the monitoring user and detail what was updated.


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Created on 13 August 2018 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 30 November 2023

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