OAuth2 Applications module walkthrough


OAuth2 Applications module is developed to enable access to third-party applications through Claromentis intranet.

In this walk-through, we are using ‘RocketChat’ which is located on a fictitious https://test.application.com server as an example of a third-party application. In this example, Intranet is located on https://workplace.myintranet.com

Step 1. Go to Admin > OAuth2 Applications


Step 2. Create a new application within the module

Step 3. Populate the panel with relevant information

Step 4. Once saved, please review the config on Claromentis

Step 5. Configure the external application to work with Intranet (example)

Please note that each third-party application will have their own configuration interface.

Here are the specifics for each field. Items in quotes must be entered exactly as they appear

  • URL - please place the url of your intranet
  • Token Path - “/oauth2/access_token”
  • Token Sent Via - “Header”
  • Identity Token Sent Via - “Header”
  • Identity Path - “/oauth2/user”
  • Authorize Path - “/oauth2/auth”
  • Scope - please leave empty
  • ID and Secret are copied from step 4
  • Username field - “name_slug”
  • Login Style - ”Popup”

The following three fields are optional configuration, which would vary from application to application

  • Button Text/Text Color/Color - please adjust as required for visual representation in step 6


Step 6. Review the third-party application access

You can now either create a fast access button or menu link to the application and run it.


For any additional information and configuration help, please contact your onboarding specialist, project manager or support team.

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