Menu builder: Main menu bar


This user guide is for anyone on Claromentis 8.2+ 



This video will cover how to set up your main menu bar, including permissions and adding in new links. 


1. Make sure permissions are correct, go to Admin>Menu builder click on the permissions option on the main menu and set this for any users that will need to edit these.  

2. Now go to Menu builder from the front end and click into the main menu here. From here you can change the menu name and add a comment to the menu. Lastly you can set the menu depth. 

3. There are some legacy option here from before Claromentis 8.2 when Published was used to build the menu. 

4. By clicking to the next tab you are able to edit the menu items. You will see a full list of what is included in your menu and by clicking on the "add menu item" button you can set up a new item. 

5. It is best to add this item as a link, the item title is how this will be displayed on your menu bar, the next thing to add in will be a link of where you want this to direct to. The next options are to choose where the menu item sits, if its visible, opens in a new tab and add in any CSS. When you click update this should be displayed straight away. 

6. To change the item order click on the up and down arrows. If an item sits in a submenu you will only be able to move it within that submenu. 

7. More options button will give you the options to add a submenu item, set permissions, delete, change visability and view the link. 

8. The final tab in menu builder is edit permissions, this will allow you to se tthe users who can edit this menu. 

9. Back on the menubuilder homescreen you will be able to set up new menus from the add a new menu button.



Created on 5 March 2018 by Mhairi Hutton

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