People: Configure Skills


This user guide is for anyone on Claromentis 8.2+ 



This video will show you how to configure the skills used in the skill search feature of the People application. Allowing you to merge duplicate skills and delete irrelevant skills if needed.



1. From the main admin area in People select the Configure skills option at the bottom right of the page

2. Here you will be able to add new skills and see which skills are currently being used as endorsements

3. You will also be able to merge and delte skills be heading to the next tab you may wish to merge these if someone has created a skill called demos and another person has created a skill called demonstrations for instance this will keep all endorsements together without losing any from either option

4. The last tab here will allow you to give permissions to users to create skills on the front end instead of a predetermined list

Created on 1 February 2018 by Michael Hassman

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